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What is TheoNav?

TheoNav is a shareware Palm OS application that includes tools and calculators to aid in maritime navigation.

Specifically, TheoNav includes tools for:

  • Speed, Time and Distance calculations
  • Determining distance and heading between any two locations on Earth
  • Quick conversion between English, metric, statute and nautical units
  • Calculation of magnetic variation anywhere on the Earth
  • Curve-fitting for calculating magnetic compass deviation
  • Determining locations of U.S. cities and world ports
  • Vector addition of speed and heading when travelling through currents

2015 Magnetic Model is Now Available

The World Magnetic Model used by TheoNav has a lifetime of five years. For the most accurate predictions of magnetic variations, please download and install the latest magnetic model, WMM-2015.pdb, and install it on your Palm OS device.

For the latest features, upgrade to version 2.1.1 of TheoNav

Version 2.1.1 is a bug fix, released April 23, 2008. It fixes a bug that seems to only occur on the Palm T|X when entering compass deviation data. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to this version.

Version 2 has several new features that will make TheoNav more enjoyable to use. Specifically:

  • Save a position in your list of "Favorites"
    Know the coordinates of a waypoint and want to save it for future reference? Just click the "Fav" button.
  • Improved database management
    Delete old databases easily, rename them, or beam them to your friends!
  • Search for Locations
    Just type a few letters of the name of a location to find it quickly.
  • Location databases are indexed
    Indexed databases mean faster searches.
  • Multiple formats for latitude and longitude
    Enter lat and long coordinates in degrees/minutes/seconds, degrees/minutes, or in decimal degrees. Easily switch between formats.
  • Full documentation available online
    Check it out here.
  • Garmin iQue Support
  • Numerous bug fixes and improved layout
Go to the Downloads page to get the latest version of TheoNav.

WARNING! TheoNav should NOT be relied upon for safe navigation. Use at your own risk.

Speed/Distance/Time Calculator
Geographic Distance
Compass Deviation