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TheoNav Registration

TheoNav is Shareware. It's my philosophy that shareware should be useful software, even for unregistered users. As such, almost all of the features of TheoNav are available in the unregistered version. Navigators who enjoy using TheoNav on a regular basis are encouraged to register. As more features are added to TheoNav, some of them will be available to all users, and some will only be available for registered users.

You are welcome to download TheoNav for free and use it for evaluation purposes. If you like TheoNav, please register at The cost is only $10.00 (US).

Please try out the free version of TheoNav before you buy it! TheoNav has not been tested on all types of Palm OS devices. You should check that it works on your device before buying the registration key.

Benefits of Registration: (for versions 2.0 and higher)

  • No 5-second countdown when you launch TheoNav
  • Compass deviation data can be saved for more than one vessel
  • More than 10 locations can be saved in your list of favorites
  • Location databases and compass deviation databases can be renamed
  • You'll feel better about using TheoNav when you know you've given something back to the author
  • Future versions of TheoNav will have additional features only available to registered users

How to Register

To aquire a registration key for TheoNav, please visit, add TheoNav to your cart, and follow the instructions for purchasing the software.

Once you have a five-digit registration number from Handango, you may enter it on the startup screen, as shown on the right, or choose the Register option from the Options menu from within TheoNav.