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MathLib is a Palm OS shared library which makes a complete floating-point math functions available to other Palm applications. TheoNav relies on these functions for many of its calculations.

MathLib Missing Alert

MathLib version 1.1 is required by TheoNav. If you already have version 1.1 of Mathlib on your handheld device, there should be no reason to re-install it. If MathLib is not present on your device, you must install it, or you will get an error message when you try to launch TheoNav. If you have a Visor or Treo, you may not need to install Mathlib because it should already be in your device's ROM.

MathLib was written by Rick Huebner and is free software covered by the GNU Library General Public License. Please visit Mr. Huebner's MathLib Information Page for more information about MathLib.