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TheoNav Installation
Last updated: Thursday, 24-Apr-2008 11:06:46 EDT

Steps for Installing TheoNav:

1. Download the latest TheoNav archive
2. Unzip the archive
3. Decide which files you want to install
4. Install the files on your Palm OS device
5. Start TheoNav and enter the registration code

1. Download the latest TheoNav Zip File 

The latest version of TheoNav can be found on our download page.

2. Unzip the Files Contained in the Zip File 

On newer systems, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, & Mac OS X, you can simply double-click the zip file to unzip it. In Windows 2000 or older systems, you may need additional software, such as WinZip or WinRar to extract the files. If in doubt, Try this link.

If you can't unzip the archive, you can download the individual files on our download page.

3. Decide Which Files You Want to Install 

theonav211.prc 194K REQUIRED You MUST install the TheoNav Palm application
MathLib.prc 50K REQUIRED It may already be on your system. (more info)
WMM-2005.pdb 4K RECOMMENDED You need it if you want to calculate magnetic variation (more info)
us_cities_med2.pdb 134K This file is optional. It contains a database of 3556 U.S. city locations.
world_ports2.pdb 199K This file is optional. It contains a database of 4602 port locations around the world.

See our download page for more optional location databases. You can install as many location databases as you like.

Please note that for your convenience, we offer the U.S. cities database in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The larger databases contain all the same cities as the smaller ones, so there is no need to include more than one U.S. cities database on your device.

4. Install the Files on your Palm OS Device 

You probably already know how to do this. Most people just drag the files they want to install into the Palm Quick Install application

If you need further instructions, you may wish to read Palm's article on How to Install Third Party Applications on Your Device.

5. Start TheoNav and enter the Registration Code 

Click on the TheoNav icon in the Applications window on your device.

If you are missing the MathLib library, you will see an error message to that effect and TheoNav will not start. If this happens, please download MathLib.prc and install it on your device.

If you have no World Magnetic Model database on your device, or if you have an outdated model, you will see a warning message when you start TheoNav. You can still use TheoNav, but you will be unable to calculate magnetic variation based on your location.

Please see our documentation page for complete instructions on how to use TheoNav!